Hair loss - Diagnosis and Treatment


New treatments for hair loss include advanced laser therapy, stem cell therapy, and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy. Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method applied by injecting into scalp special mixtures containing vitamins, amino acids and minerals necessary for hair growth.

Hair mesotherapy can be applied to male and female patients whose hair is lifeless and dull, who suffer from hair loss and whose hair is thinning.

Application of different hair mesotherapy methods individually selected for each patient can successfully treat hair loss as well as targeting the right areas increases the chance of achieving the desired results.

Plasma is the liquid part of the blood. It consists mainly of water and protein. Plasma allows blood cells to move in the circulatory system. Specific types of blood cells are platelets. These are the cells that make the blood clot. They play an essential role in the body's healing processes, being a source of a wide range of growth factors that stimulate and guide the healing process. In PRP therapy, doctors draw a small amount of blood from the patient, process it in particular machines that separate and concentrate platelets, and then inject platelet-rich plasma into a structure whose recovery is the goal of treatment.

Where Is PRP Therapy Used in Modern Cosmetic Medicine ?

  • For hair loss and alopecia - therapy stimulates hair growth, stops the process of thinning hair, straight hair thicker, healthy and thick.
  • After hair transplantation-stimulating the growth of transplanted hair follicles after FUE procedure.
    To improve the quality of the skin - correction of fine wrinkles in the areas of the face, neck, neckline, and arms.
  • For dark circles under the eyes - correction of indentations, fine wrinkles, and dark areas in these zones.
  • Treatment of scars- treatment of scars, post-traumatic and postoperative scars, and stretch marks.

Why Choose Magellan?

The MagellanⓇ device is unique with the concentration of platelets, which can reach 3-4 million instead of 200 thousand of all other methods!
That allows the desired results to be achieved after only one procedure instead of four.